METTLACH Ceramic Centerpiece with overwhelming Grey & Silver Decor. Model 346.


Pedestal height 19cm 7.45",  Coupe height 18 cm,7.05"   Upper diameter Coupe 38 cm 14.90"   weight 5,6 kg Signed model nr 346  Created in the nineteenth century.

The History of the Company began in the small German village of Audun-Le-Tiche and close to the border with Luxembourg and close to the borders of Germany and Belgium. The Villeroy & Boch Ceramic Manufacturing company was founded in 1748 by François Boch. The Company headquarter later moved to nearby Luxembourg and in 1801 to Mettlach Germany. The Luxembourg company was closed down in 2010. The present Villeroy & Boch Group is performing successfully.