Centerpiece in "Crackled glass" with golden accent border. Belgium, early 20th Century. Probably originates from the city of Liège, famous for its Glass & Crystal Crafts.


Beautiful Centerpiece in "Crackled glass" (ice-glass/crackle-glass)  with golden accent border.  

The technique was discovered in Murano (Venice) in the sixteenth century before being rediscovered in the nineteenth century and operated more widely by Italien expats. The crackled glass is manufactured by dipping the part being blown into the cold water. The glass is then reheated to melt and reduce the surface cracks only, thus making the outer surface smooth. The components obtained are very resistant despite their fragile appearance.   4 cm  1.58"  high    40 cm 15.75"  diameter at top   18 cm  7" diameter at bottom   1,83 kg