Bonbonnière Hand Painted Boch Frères La Louvière Belgium 1940s. F(orm) 1405/1406 D(ecor) 2940. Created by Raymond Chevallier.


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Bonbonnière Hand Painted  BOCH Frères  La Louvière Belgium  1940s.   F(orm) 1405/1406  D(ecor) 2940

Beautiful Flower Decor. Gold color decoration with slight wear. 

Created by Raymond Chevallier, Head designer Boch between 1937 and 1954. 

17 cm  6.70" High (handle included)    17 cm  6.70" Wide (Square)

Hallmarked: Made in Belgium   Fabrication Belge BOCH frères      1405 1406 (Form)