Bonbonnière with Floral Motif BOCH La Louvière Belgium. Model MIKADO D2919 with Gold-tone decoration by Raymond Chevallier ca. 1938. Form 1252/1 created in 1934 by Charles Catteau.


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Bobonnière with Floral Motif BOCH Frères La Louvière Belgium. Decor D2919 MIKADO by Raymond Chevallier ca.1938. The Form F1252/1 was first created in 1934 by Charles Catteau. With Gold-tone decoration, slight wear.

9 cm 3.54" high (handle included),  17 cm 6.70" diameter at its widest point. 

Hallmarked: BOCH Made in Belgium Fabrication Belge  D2919 - F1252/1     /1 = code size.