Silverplated Centerpiece Tulip Decoration Art Nouveau circa 1900 by Victor Saglier & Frères, Silversmiths Paris. Hallmarked.


Silverplated Centerpiece Tulip Decoration  Art Nouveau circa 1900 by Victor Saglier & Successors, Silversmiths Paris. Two Hallmarks: Victor Saglier and Saglier Frères.

Weight: 0,853 kg   43 cm 16.93"  from handle to handle   23 cm 9" wide   9 cm  3.54"  at its highest point.

Victor Saglier was famous in his artistry of Silver & Gold. He also worked with some of the great glass artists of that period such as Galle, Montjoye Legras and Daum Nancy where he decorated the glass objects with silverplated mounts.